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The Atrium

Nihil est-in vita priore imperator Romanus fui.

22 year old Bi girl going to a liberal arts college, so one day I will be virtually unemployable.

I read fanfic, and now I write it, too. Beware. Some of it may be NC-17. Please be warned, and don't read anything unless you are 18 or 21 and over, whatever is legal in your area. Right now I write in The Authority fandom, but I read everything, so hopefully there will be more here in a few months.

alan moore, alternate universes, apollo/midnighter, aqualad, artemis, azriphale/crowley, barbara gordon, bart allen, batfamily, batgirl, batgirl/spoiler, batman, batman/j'onn, batman/nightwing, batman/robin, batman/superman, beast boy, birds of prey, bisexual, boys in drag, britain, bruce wayne, cass/steph, cassandra cain, changeling, character development, clark kent, classics, comics, corpse bride, creative writing, cucumbers, cyborg, daria, dc comics, dead languages, dick greyson, dinah lance, drag, dykes, eel o'brien, euripides, evanescence, fandom, fanfiction, femslash, garfield logan, gay and lesbian issues, gay pride care bear, gay rights, gender equity, genderfuck, genderqueer, girls in drag, good omens, gotham girls, greek, green day, harley quinn, harley/ivy, harry potter, harvey dent, hebrew, helena bertinelli, heroines, holmes/watson, huntress, impulse, indigo girls, j'onn j'onzz, j'onnverse, jla, kid flash, kon kent, kon-el, lady blackhawk, latin, league of extraordinary gentlemen, lotr, martian manhunter, mermaid-in-a-champagne-glass, mulan, mythology, neil gaiman, nightwing, nightwing/tempest, oracle/black canary, ovid, philoctetes, planetary, plastic man, plot development, poison ivy, promethea, queer, r.e.m., raven, raven/starfire, remus/sirius, rent, robin, robin/nightwing, robin/superboy, robinosexuality, sarah waters, sirius/remus, slash, spoiler, static shock, static/gear, stephanie brown, superboy, superboy/robin, superman, teen titans, tempest, the authority, the dc crack dictionary, the nightmare before christmas, the odyssey, the sentinel, the-oddity-and-the-idiot, tim drake, tim hunter, tim/bart, tim/kon, tori amos, vic stone, virgil/richie, warren ellis, wonder woman, writing, writing fanfic, x-men, young justice, zatanna