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Sun, Sep. 25th, 2005, 07:34 am
Shiny New Fandom

Went scrounging through the latest entries at ship_manifesto this week, which is a wonderful way to spend my copious free time. I'm always impressed by people who post in there; it takes a lot more effort and analytical thinking than I'm usually willing to spend on fandom to write a "Why This Pairing Works" essay that doesn't basically come down to "Because it's Teh Hawt!"

Two essays were especially wonderful:

Azriphale/Crowley (Good Omens) - Man, I never knew people were writing this! I mean, other than the occasional story here, picture there. But for serious, this pairing needs a lot more attention. Next time I go home, I'm definitely digging out my old copy of this book, and everyone is getting a copy for Christmas!

And then there's the real reason for this update:

Virgil/Richie (Static Shock) - I have a very limited knowledge of this series. When we watch it, I'm usually not paying attention. Well, no, I'm paying attention to Rent-Girl (not the same Rent fan from the previous post), who loves the show and likes to pretend Richie is Mark and Virgil is Roger, and then supply them with really bad slashy dialogue. But that's neither here nor there.

My point is, I've been reading nothing but Static Shock fic since Wednesday. I was especially pleased with Summertime, and that is no way a baby-duckling response to it being almost the first one I read. Really! It had just the right amount of angst, without making me want to curl up and die, just the right amount of funny, without being humor. Warm glow.

There was also Mind the Gap, which features Richie's brain as a subway system, plus zombies. Zombies make everything better. It would be really, really good, except Chapter 7 seems... off. Not as good as the earlier stuff. For one thing, Static is in civilian clothes on a date at the end of Chapter 6, then suddenly in uniform at the beginning of Chapter 7. And okay, insto-chango wardrobe, with cool lightning effects in the cartoon. (Or as my roommate says, "It's like he orgasms, and then he's in different clothes," including mimicked sound effects.) But it threw me for about 12 seconds while reading, and I never quite recovered. Nit-picky, but there you are. Also, the story's incomplete! I probably never would have started it had I known that, but it was still pretty good if you can stand the suspense.

Anybody else have any Static Shock recommendations? And not thete1 , we already know she rocks, and re-read her over and over again.

Fri, Mar. 31st, 2006 08:49 am (UTC)
dreamerchaos: Static Shock

Have you read Through a Glass, Darkly by valkyrie-alex on fanfiction.net? It's really good.

Man, I wish fanfiction.net still had that one Hotstreak(Francis)/Richie trilogy I really liked. The fic had a lot of chapters and was really good.

Basically there's a gang war between Ebon and Hotstreak, and Richie accidentally stumbles into the middle of it.

Fortunately Hotstreak saves him, but not without threatening the poor kid to keep his mouth shut.

Turns out that Ebon soon thinks that Richie's part of Hotstreak's gang.

I really liked how the author kept the characters in line. Hotstreak was just so cool, a radical bully towards Richie, Virgil, and the other high schoolers.

IF ONLY I remembered the name and author!!! I knew I should have saved that fic.

I'm still trying to find it, but with little luck.