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Latin, not Greek.

I dumped Greek! I dumped Greek! I dumped Greek!

I finally realized that I don't like Greek. And all it took was 2 1/2 years. Specifically, a semester of Sophocles. I mean, seriously, how many participles does one language need?!?

Instead, I am taking Medieval Latin. And I love it! I can actually read it! As in pick it up and read it. I don't have to check a dictionary for every other word, I have consulted a grammar text maybe three times in the last week, and I almost never have to reference a translation. *bouncey* I've read a Roman Mass, and the Nicene Creed, and Sulpicius Severus, and St Augustine! And granted, "genitum non factum" confused me for a long time, but that had more to do with my weak grasp of medieval theology than my understanding of the Latin.

And ooo, idea for a St. Augustine icon! Yay! I love my major!
My morbid ideal (anothersuperboy)


</a></a>azarias wants meta. I have to write about Alexander the Great. Meta. Alexander the Great. Decisions.

I finally decided to take Scans_daily off my f-list. Not that I don't love it, but it takes up half my list, I never have time to read it, I'm already ignoring things as it is.

In RL, this morning I had weight lifting. Do you have any idea how bad an idea that was? I used to lift, but that was a year and a half ago. It didn't make me sore so much as sick to my stomach. Why is that? What connects my bicep curls and lat pulldowns to my stomach?

...meta, huh? I have notes here somewhere regarding The Midnighter and Jenny Q that I've been meaning to inflict on people... *wanders off*

My morbid ideal (anothersuperboy)

Disindecorating the Tree

Today we disindecorated the Christmas Tree. And by "we," I mean "I." Funny how that works out, huh?

Anyways, it wasn't too bad. I watched The Great Mouse Detective and The Nightmare Before Christmas while working. I really wanted the watch Die Hard, because it is the bestest Christmas movie of all time!!! <3!!! But unfortunately, it was stored up in Mom's closet, and not to be had without lots of effort.

Then I broke an ornament. It was made up of three beautiful red glass bells, each slightly smaller than the other, nestled one inside the other. I knocked it from a really high branch, and shattered the smallest bell. It was really sad, but it reminded me of a DS story I read waaaay back in the day, when I still read that stuff regularly. I think it had to do with Dief breaking an ornament at the Vecchio home, and Fraser was all embarrassed and sorry about it. But it was a Vecchio family tradition that at least one ornament gets smashed a year, so smashing the ornament now meant they were really a part of the family, and awww sweet. And then they got to go ornament shopping. Okay, so it was kinda saccharine. It was a holiday fic, what do you expect?

Christmas is now officially over in the Anteater household.
RCMP Strawberry

A gift for b!

Okay, so not very long ago, buzzylittleb  wrote this DS/American Gods fic. And because I love American Gods, by Neil Gaiman, I read it. Which eventually led to a discussion of Fraser as a large strawberry in RCMP uniform. And so b made this. Isn't she awesome?

Naturally, I had to give her something back. What could I do, but teach myself how to make icons? *Points up at icon, in case you missed it* Ta-da!


...And now that I know how to make icons, a whole new world is open to me! A world of color and text and 100 x 100 pixel squares!

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(no subject)

Okay, so it’s possible that I lied in my last post, when I said that I wasn’t dead. I have in fact been dead for the last two months. In that time, I have:


* Finished my I.S.

* Taken the GRE

* Continued with the whole campus activism thing

* Spent entirely too much time hanging out at improbable times of the night with my friend, who I will call Chibi-chan (although she hates that)

* Applied to 1 and ½ Grad schools

* Read not <I>one</I> fanfic before today.


The good news is, I’ve finished my I.S., GRE, and almost finished the Grad school apps, and I’ve taken steps to lessen my ties to the Gay/Straight Alliance. It’s time to pass the torch anyways. I won’t completely abandon them, but maybe I’ll get some of my own time back.


So now I’ll have time to read! Maybe even time to write some stuff. So if there’s anything anybody feels I should read, let me know. There’s no way I can wade through all the stuff I’ve missed, although I’m going to try.

My morbid ideal (anothersuperboy)

I'm not dead.

This semester, I have learned that campus activism and homework do not mix. So you know fandom is straight out. I have also learned that I will never do activism again... okay, that's not true. Like Tim saying he won't continue with the whole Superhero-ing gig. Yeah, right. Still, no more leadership positions. I'm going to graduate, and lead a nice quiet life working in a library and manning (womanning?) phone banks, writing press releases and grant proposals for the local GLBT Civil Right group, etc. Scud work needs to be done, and I will do it.

But when I do wander into LJ-World, I am very pleased to note that the Cass/Steph following has gained momentum. Also, people are writing fic for The Authority again, which I thought was beginning to dry up.

I am going to have a field day, come Christmas Break, trying to catch up with everything.
My morbid ideal (anothersuperboy)

Oh, my poor feet.

The AIDS Walk was today. It was fun and empowering and invigorating, and now that it’s over, I think I will celebrate by collapsing on the floor and not getting up for the next 50 years.

We raised a lot of money for research, though. So it was all worth it.
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Shakespeare Meme, or I Am Still A Sheep

Bar bar bar, if you see this, post some Shakespeare, bar bar bar.

In our last
conflict four of his five wits went halting off, and
now is the whole man governed with one: so that if
he have wit enough to keep himself warm, let him
bear it for a difference between himself and his
horse; for it is all the wealth that he hath left,
to be known a reasonable creature.

Much Ado About Nothing. So much better than Romeo and Juliet. Beatrice rocks! Really, I just wanted to quote the entire first scene of Act I, which really sets your expectations for the character. It's Beatrice at her best

I truth, what I really wanted to quote was the following, but that's just because I'm morbid, and it's less funny taken out of context.

I pray you, how many hath he
killed and eaten in these wars? But how many hath
he killed? for indeed I promised to eat all of his killing.

Beatrice, I love you! If I could, I would run away with you and listen to you be bitchy all day long!
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Shiny New Fandom

Went scrounging through the latest entries at ship_manifesto this week, which is a wonderful way to spend my copious free time. I'm always impressed by people who post in there; it takes a lot more effort and analytical thinking than I'm usually willing to spend on fandom to write a "Why This Pairing Works" essay that doesn't basically come down to "Because it's Teh Hawt!"

Two essays were especially wonderful:

Azriphale/Crowley (Good Omens) - Man, I never knew people were writing this! I mean, other than the occasional story here, picture there. But for serious, this pairing needs a lot more attention. Next time I go home, I'm definitely digging out my old copy of this book, and everyone is getting a copy for Christmas!

And then there's the real reason for this update:

Virgil/Richie (Static Shock) - I have a very limited knowledge of this series. When we watch it, I'm usually not paying attention. Well, no, I'm paying attention to Rent-Girl (not the same Rent fan from the previous post), who loves the show and likes to pretend Richie is Mark and Virgil is Roger, and then supply them with really bad slashy dialogue. But that's neither here nor there.

My point is, I've been reading nothing but Static Shock fic since Wednesday. I was especially pleased with Summertime, and that is no way a baby-duckling response to it being almost the first one I read. Really! It had just the right amount of angst, without making me want to curl up and die, just the right amount of funny, without being humor. Warm glow.

There was also Mind the Gap, which features Richie's brain as a subway system, plus zombies. Zombies make everything better. It would be really, really good, except Chapter 7 seems... off. Not as good as the earlier stuff. For one thing, Static is in civilian clothes on a date at the end of Chapter 6, then suddenly in uniform at the beginning of Chapter 7. And okay, insto-chango wardrobe, with cool lightning effects in the cartoon. (Or as my roommate says, "It's like he orgasms, and then he's in different clothes," including mimicked sound effects.) But it threw me for about 12 seconds while reading, and I never quite recovered. Nit-picky, but there you are. Also, the story's incomplete! I probably never would have started it had I known that, but it was still pretty good if you can stand the suspense.

Anybody else have any Static Shock recommendations? And not thete1 , we already know she rocks, and re-read her over and over again.

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Meme stuff

I am a conformist sheep, who does what everyone else is doing. Also, this looks like more fun than Late Dark Ages Greece.

  1. batman/nightwing:
    Not a strong interest of mine, but I've been known to read such stories on occasion.
  2. clark kent:
    Glasses are an excellent disguise, really! Don't believe me? Once, a friend of mine went to a performance of "Rent," and chatted with one of the theater people during intermission. He was really cool. Finally, my friend asked, "So, what do you do? Are you crew?" And the guy said,"... I play Mark." So there. Perfect disguise.
  3. eel o'brien:
    I blame Chicago for this one. If you haven't read her J'onnverse stuff, you should.
  4. girls in drag:
    Androgyny. Does this really need to be explained?
  5. impulse:
    Small speedster, circa Young Justice. Cute and annoying.
  6. mermaid-in-a-champagne-glass:
  7. promethea:
    Magical manifestation of mythical archetype through literary endeavors. Or something.
  8. slash:
    If this needs to be explained, you need to not be reading this lj.
  9. the-oddity-and-the-idiot:
    One of my Prof's insists upon calling The Odyssey and Illiad by these names.
  10. zatanna:
    Like Black Canary, wears fishnet stockings all the way up to there. But does magic and wears a top hat.